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            You now had a chance to experiment with a number of Spaces around typical workflows. 


            As organisations use more and more software, customer records are now scattered in sales, marketing, finance and support systems. In addition, customers and suppliers interact with you on external systems such as Twitter, as well as growing communication channels such as Slack. At the same time, individual software systems are becoming too complex to use by light users, as the products matures. 



            UnifiedVU Platform unifies customer records from sales, marketing, finance, support as well as external systems on one intuitive User Interface (UI) to increase customer Life Time Value (LTV). As we surface information and functionality from your software systems, you and your team's productivity should increase. As everything you need is in one place, and the data is real-time, the ability to make the right decision first time now becomes a reality. 

            Use Case

            An account manager is planning to visit a customer tomorrow. 

            Scenario 1: The customer has not paid the last two invoices. Unpaid invoice details are held in accounting system, which the account manager has no access to. 

            Scenario 2: The customer has been extremely unhappy about the delivery of the last project. Information about this is captured by the customer service team and held in customer service database, which the account manager has no access to. 

            If the account manager is highly proactive, h/she would have taken the trouble to speak to every department of the organisation to get a full understanding of the customer and past projects. This is time consuming, as well as an exhausting exercise depending on the size of the organisation and the number of accounts the account manager manages. 

            With UnifiedVU, the information is at your finger tips. Furthermore, its real time, leaving no grounds for mistakes. Now you can make the right decision every time. Why not test drive above demo?

            What's next?

            What we have shown through the four emails you received so far is a glimpse to how UnifiedVU could be used.

            What are the biggest bottle necks you have in your organisation? Do you suffer from the Use Case described above? 

            Updated: 06 Jun 2019 06:23 AM
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