What does pink algae/bacteria/slime look like?

What does pink algae/bacteria/slime look like?

Pink Algae/Bacteria/Slime looks like reddish pink jelly-like slime growing around fixtures and the bottom of the walls. 
Example of pink bacteria growing along wall transition.
We recommend using Pink Treat.

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    • How do I get rid of Pink algae/bacteria/slime?

      For Pink bacteria we recommend Pink Treat. Add 2 lbs. (one bottle) of Pink Treat, brush, and shock. It's important to expose as much of the slime to the open water as possible, so pay special attention to build up around fixtures. You can find more ...
    • Can I swim in a pool with pink algae/bacteria/slime?

      Technically yes, but we don't recommend it. Pink algae is the Serratia species of bacteria. This type of bacteria can lead to infections. If you decide to enter the water, make sure to cover all open cuts and sores to prevent infection.
    • What does black algae look like?

      Black Algae looks like small bluish-green to almost black nodules growing on the surface where circulation is low.  Example of black algae growing on plaster We recommend using Swamp Treat.
    • What does yellow/mustard algae look like?

      Yellow/Mustard Algae looks like mustard colored growth along the walls and in the shady areas of the pool. It's light, soft and slightly slimy to the touch. Example of mustard algae growing in pool We recommend using Yellow Treat.
    • What does green algae look like?

      Green Algae looks like green growth usually along the walls and areas with low circulation. They feel soft and sometimes a bit slimy.  Example of green inground pool Example of green algae growing in above ground pool. We recommend using Green Treat. ...