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            Adding Student Attendance

            Logging into Veri as a Tutor allows you to add a particular Student's absence from a Course.

            The assumption we make is that all Students are present on the Course unless the Tutor specifically logs that they were not present.

            When setting up a Course please ensure that you populate the following fields:
            Course Start Date
            Course End Date
            Course Weeks
            Hours Per Week

            Super Admin must also add the daily start time and daily end time of a Course.

            There are two ways of doing this - either select the Daily Start (Time) and Daily End (Time) which is used if a Course has the same Start and Finish time each day or alternatively click on the 'Click here to add Start / Finish Times per Day' link which opens a new panel and allows you to add individual Start and Finish days on a per week day basis 

            The values you add in these fields are used then to help us calculate the Student hours for the TACS Report.

            Please feel free to download detailed User Manual on Attendance Dashboard for Tutors - click here.

            daily start finish time

            Logging Student Absence

            To log a student's absence, login as a Tutor to the assigned Course and go to Students -> Student Name -> Attendance

            This page gives a list of the current Attendance records for this student that have been logged for this particular post.

            Adding Student Absence is easily done:

            Date Absent
            Choose the Date from the date-picker that you are logging this absence for.

            Was this a Full Day absence?
            If so click the checkbox. This will mean you don't have to add the time the Student was absent as it will default to the full day of the Course

            Are you logging this Students Attendance or Absence times? 

            This dropdown is very important for the TACS Report.

            If you choose the Student Absence selection then when you add the student times you are adding the actual time the Student was not present on the Course for that day. If you choose the Student Attendance then you are adding the actual time the Student was present on the Course for that day.

            Example: On Monday, Joe Bloggs was due to attend the course from 8.30am to 3.45pm but didn't arrive in until 9.45am - Therefore he was 1 hour 15 minutes late. This can be logged in two different ways:

            Student Absence: If you choose student absence from the dropdown then you wish to log the time that the student was not present on the Course for that day. Therefore the Time Student Absence dropdown would be from 08.30 until 09 45

            Student Attendance: If you choose student attendance from the dropdown then you wish to log the time that the student was present on the Course for that day. Therefore the Time Student Attending dropdown would be from 09.45 until 15.45

            Time Student Attending / Time Student Absent 

            This is explained above - the dropdown's should default to the daily start and end times of the Course

            Is the Absence explained? / Absence Explanation

            If you know why the Student was absent then please choose it from the list of reasons

            Has this Student Dropped Out

            If the Student has dropped out of the Course then choose this option and select the Date that they actually dropped out on. You only need to do this one and don't need to log any more absence for this student.

            See screenshot - What we have logged here is that the Student arrived late into the Course and was present from 9.45am to 3.45pm

            Certified Sick Leave / In Company
            When a Student is Absent from a Course for certain reasons they are still entitled to be paid - two such Absence Explanations are 'Certified Sick Leave' and 'In Company'

            If you are adding a record for either of these two categories then you should do the following:

            Set the Date Absent as normal, tick the Is this a Full Day Absence checkbox, from the Are you logging this Students Attendance or Absence times? dropdown ensure you select 'Student Attendance'  and finally in the Absence Explanation dropdown select 'In Company' or ''Certified Sick Leave'

            This then ensures when you create the TACS Report that a Student is give a full days hours for these explanations 

            Updated: 18 Sep 2019 12:22 AM
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