Veri Integrated Training

            Admin / Super Admin - Viewing Uploaded Course Evidence

            When you are logged into Veri as an Admin or Super Admin you have the ability to view any Course Evidence that has been uploaded by a Tutor.

            The link to this 'Evidence' is available on both the Active Courses tab on your Dashboard and Courses area. 

            Clicking on the Evidence link will list all the evidence that has been uploaded by Tutors for Students on that particular course.

            If a Student hasn't been assigned to a piece of Evidence then this means that the evidence is related to the Course as opposed to a particular student. 

            Click on the 'View' link to display the popup of the actual evidence piece uploaded. 

            All evidence files that have been uploaded are stored on Amazon's S3 Bucket servers - All AWS S3 Buckets are private and can only be accessed by people that have been explicitly granted access. Therefore the files uploaded are not available to the public and are 100% secure. Within the Veri Application only Users with specific access can see the files - The files are served over HTTPS and the URL to view the file is only temporarily available - If you were to copy the URL and email it to some other person then the URL will become invalid after a short period of time.
            Updated: 18 Sep 2019 12:09 AM
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