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            Data operations and data management on Veri

            This guidance describes User roles, operations with data, User responsibilities and User activities on Veri dashboard

            User Data

            4 levels of access

            Super Admin

            The highest level of access to data. When your organisation profile is created all control goes to the Super Admin user. User with Super Admin role can:

            • create, edit and delete Users;

            • change User roles;

            • manage User passwords

            • create and edit Courses;

            • manage checklists, learning outcomes, course categories, regions, venues,  skill competencies;

            • manage all reports on all Courses;

            • Request deletion of Courses and Messages


            Where a Super Admin wants to separate his training delivery under different administrators or categories.Relevant if you had QQI - Corporate - ETB all happening and being managed by different people


            Access to assigned courses only from TUTOR dashboard. User with Tutor role can:

            • Instant message QA admin for reasonable accommodation or unexpected issues arising on a slack channel

            • review and accept checklists;

            • upload Evidence;

            • download Course Materials;

            • activate Course Milestones;

            • add Students, edit Student profile, log and edit Absence;

            • grade Assessments and Skill Competencies;

            • download and review Attendance report

            • Give Feedback

            • Evidence completion of learning outcomes & modules

            • Share handover notes


            Access assigned courses only from STUDENT dashboard. User with Student role can:

            • edit personal profile;

            • download Course Materials

            Support Access

            Veri Tech Support access carried out in case of testing, training or demo or data upload only with Super Admin user permission

            How to create User

            New User can be created from Dashboard tab More → Users → Create New User or using the green + Add New button on the top right. To create a new user, it is necessary and sufficient to enter a first name, last name and email address.


            The e-mail address functions as a unique identifier for the Users on Veri database. Two or more Users cannot be created using the same email address.

            Unique email address = Unique User = One user role


            If User email unknown

            If User’s email unknown or User does not have any, Users profile can be created using made up email address e.g. In this case important to keep the structure of the email address. A made up email address can be replaced in future with a real one, no User data will be lost

            User Type

            There are 4 User types on Veri - Super Admin, Admin, Tutor and Student. Each type determines the specific level of access to data on the system. The user could be assigned only to one type at a time.

            User/System data storage

            Encrypted User’s profile data is encrypted and stored on the GDPR compliant Amazon AWS Server. Only authorised users can access data - Company’s profile Super Admin has the authority to grant access to User’s data within Company’s profile.

            User profiles, materials, learning outcomes, course venues, regions, skills competencies, checklists - all units of data been created and assigned to course automatically stored in an appropriate database/library. In a case when User/File been deleted from course it still remains in the database. To delete data unit from the system Super Admin may do it from Main Dashboard → Appropriate panel (Tutors, Material, Learning Outcomes, etc) and use Delete/Archive option.


            Data units stored in tables and sorted in ascending alphabetical/numeric order.

            Data in a column can be sorter in asc/desc order by clicking on the column title.


            Data Deletion

            Super Admin User empowered to delete following Data from the system:

            • User profile

            • Material

            • Milestone

            • Learning Outcomes

            • Skills Competencies

            • Course Modules

            • Evidence

            • Checklists


            Courses and Messages cannot be deleted/erased from the system by Super Admin User. Courses can be archived only. To delete courses/messages Super Admin has to send a request to Veri Support team with the list of Courses/ Messages.

            2 or more courses on Veri can be created with the same name, so it is vital to double check your list of courses for deletion and add DEL to course title to be deleted


            Logging in to Veri

            The Login URL for Veri is - this can be added to your website
            Every new User should have received an automated welcome email from Veri that contains users' automatically generated password and login details - email address and URL. To log in enter your email address and assigned password. A password can be changed from User’s profile on Veri. We recommend to do it monthly.

            Every new User should have received an automated welcome email from Veri that contains users' automatically generated password and login details - email address and URL. To log in enter your email address and assigned password. A password can be changed from User’s profile on Veri. We recommend to do it monthly.

            Passwords must contain 8 or more characters.

            Forgotten Password

            Users password can be reset in 2 ways:

            • Forgotten Password link on the login page. The user will receive an email with details on how to reset the password.

            • Super Admin can reset User’s password from the main dashboard - More→ Users → Manage Users Accounts → column Password

            Data upload

            Benchmarking MASTER Course

            There are two Course types on the system you can set courses up:

            MASTER course - course template to clone. Master courses contain all static data that repeats from course to course each new season - course modules, milestones, learning outcomes, materials and assessment types.  You only need to create Master course ones and clone it from Master Course table every time when you start a new course. When you create course and assign it to Master type it is automatically stored in Master course table.

            ACTIVE course - real-time course your Tutors have worked at with assigned dates, venue, Students and Tutors. When you create course and assign it to Active type it is automatically stored in Active course table.

            Course materials, evidence, email attachments.

            Any type of files can be uploaded to the system or attached to the internal emails. File size should not exceed 10 M.  Option to upload video evidence available on request with a small charge.

            Student profiles.

            Students could be uploaded to Course by .csv list.


            VERY IMPORTANT - please do not use commas in .csv file,

            they break data


            We have 3 file samples available - General, QQI specific and Skillnet specific. Each contains Industry specific data fields:

            • General: PPS Number, First name, Last name, Address, Town, County, DOB, Medical Card, Phone, Email, Work;

            • QQI Specific: PPS Number, Learner First name, Last name, Address, Town, County, DOB, Gender, Phone, Email, Appeal, RPL,

            Fees, Exempt, Company, Contact name, Phone, Invoice, Cost, Paid

            • Skillnet Specific: First name, Last name, Email, Group

            To upload list of Students just copy Students data from your spreadsheet column by column.

            Student ‘s data could be uploaded live in class from Tutor Dashboard → Student→ Add Student

            Short start pack for Tutors

            For those Tutors who just started use Veri we prepared few short how to videos

            We offer our customers FREE online training session-refresher. Refresher can be arranged once a months on your demand, please book here -

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