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            How to set up Student Assessments

            If you wish to setup Student Assessments for a QQI accredited course you can do so as follows:

            Login to Veri as a Super Admin and in your dashboard edit the Course you wish to assign the Assessments to.
            On the left hand side click on 'Edit Compliance'
            A new screen appears where it allows you to 'Edit Compliance' and 'Edit Assessment Types'

            Edit Compliance
            You need to add your QQI Details for the Minor Award here:
            QQI Centre Code
            QBS Group Name
            Component Code (Minor Award Code)
            Assign it to Major Award from Dropdown

            If the Major Award isn't in the dropdown then please let us know and we can get it added for you.

            Edit Assessment Types
            You can add up to a maximum of  3 Assessment Types here and the Assessment Total must add up to 100 i.e the combination of the 'Mark Out Of' for each Assessment Type added.

            The Types in the dropdown are Assignment, Portfolio, Examination Learner Record, Project and Skills Demonstration 

            See screenshot of how your setup should look:

            Click the 'Save' Button and you have your Assessment successfully setup.

            At this stage, a Tutor will have been assigned to a Course and they can login to their Tutor dashboard in order to add Assessments for a Student.
            When the Tutor logs into Veri and selects the Course that they have been assigned to, they are taken to the Main Menu, Attendance and Assessment box.
            All Students are listed here - Click on the 'Assessment' button then "QQI Assessment" then pick the Student you wish to add results for.
            You should then see a screen like this: 

            The Assessment Types that the Super Admin added while setting up the Course will be displayed here and also the prescribed Marks. You can add the Students results and the marks will be accumulated and both the Results Total and Grade Achieved will be automatically calculated.
            You must also choose a Date.
            Before you save the mark you can select if the Internal Verification has been complicated or not. If it hasn't then you can always edit the result at a later date and select that the IV has been completed. Once this is done you have the choice to send the Student a Provisional Results Email.

            The Attendance and Assessment box gives the Tutor access to all Students assigned to the course. You can review, edit and add New Students using your mobile. 

            Click 'Save' then and you will return to the Students list where you can continue adding more results.

            Updated: 18 Sep 2019 12:56 AM
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