VirtuallySurreal Tech Services

How to: 'Request Help'

After everything's all setup. Endpoint protection is the green circle with a W in the tray next to the clock (Webroot). If you don't see it there, it will show in the hidden icons by clicking the ^ Triangle to the left. 

Let me know if you run into ANY issues at all with anything.

If you encounter any problems/errors/issues/etc., let me know. This Antivirus doesn’t have the benefit of years of configuration we've done to the previous one, and everyone has their own custom configuration/software on their computers, so things may require some slight tweaking.

If you do run into any problems now, or any time in the future, you can always Request Help.

If you need to change your Update Scheduled Day or Time, just let us know.

This is done using the square black and gray icon in the tray next to the green W circle. If you don't see it there, click on the ^ Triangle to the left to show hidden icons. If you hover your mouse over the icon, it will show VirtuallySurreal Tech Services:


Click on it, either right-click or left-click, and you'll see Request Help.

Left-click Request Help, and the following box will appear. Just fill in the Subject of the request and Body that explains the problem.
Phone Number is not absolutely required, but you can include it if you have multiple phone numbers or would like to follow-up/discuss things more in depth
. It will include the computer name (if you have multiple computers this saves some time and confusion) and some other information automatically when it sends it to me:

If you click the + to the right of Images, you can attach a picture or take a screencapture/screenshot of an error or what you see on your screen to show me exactly what's going on:

Then just click on Take Screenshot:

And click the SEND button to submit it.