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            The features in the Access Tab have two main ways of managing contractors: Permits and Advanced Contractor Management (Access Levels).

            The following article details Advanced Contractor Management (Access Levels), it is advisable that you use 
            Permits instead, which is a straight forward, easy induction process.

            Use your email address and password to login to the site

            Access Templates can be viewed as the 'tree trunk', attached are 'branches' (Access Levels) and 'leaves' (contractors).
            Thereby, you can have multiple branches (Access Levels) coming from the tree trunk (Access Template) and on every branch are leaves (contractors).

            Access Levels are the ‘branches’ that define the inductions, permits and insurances a contractor needs to come on-site. Depending on the site, the type of work, contractors, and how you want to organise a site you may have several ‘branches’.

            For example, you may have a ‘branch’ for ‘general maintenance’ (for painting, gardening), one for ‘office maintenance’ (for photo copiers, networks etc.) and another for ‘chlorine plant shut down’ (for heavy and dangerous work). The contractor is then placed into the ‘Access Level’ (branch) appropriate to the work to be conducted. A contractor can be placed under as many ‘Access Levels’ as required (they are then prompted for the ‘Access Level’ when they sign-in). 




            Clicking on the Access tab will present a dropdown menu with various options.

            Access> Access Templates

            To create a new Access Template, click on the icon.

            Add the necessary details into the corresponding boxes and select ‘Add’.

            Note: Clicking the    icon will delete the Access Template.

            Navigate back to the ‘Access Templates’ page, refresh the page and the new Access Template will appear.

            Click on the  icon to edit the Access Template and add inductions, permits and/or insurances.

            Note: there must be at least one Access Template before you can add an Access Level.

            Setting up Inductions/Permits/Insurances

            To add new inductions, permits and/or insurances click on the icon.
            Add the necessary details into the corresponding boxes.
            Select ‘Mandatory’ and/or upload a PDF document, if required.

            Select ‘Add’.


            The permit will appear in the ‘Inductions/Permits/Insurances’ table.

            To edit permit details press the  icon, select the  icon to view the PDF document or the icon to delete.

            Access> Access Levels (by Template)

            Adding an Access Level

            To add an Access Level select the ‘Access Template’ for the level to be linked to, from the dropdown menu.

            Add the relevant information into the corresponding boxes.

            Select ‘Add’, then go to the Access> Access Levels tab to view the new access level.

            Access> Access Levels

            Using an Access Level
            Click on the Access Template name e.g. ‘Working with Heights’, to reveal the Access Levels for the template.

            To view the access level click on the name of the access level or the  or   icon.
            A new screen will open – Access Template: Access level 
            e.g. Working with Heights: Barefoot Tightrope Walking


                           Access> Access Levels> Inductions/Permits/Insurances

            The inductions, permits and/or insurances that you set up in the Access Template will appear in the Access Level. (For more information see: Setting up Inductions/Permits/Insurances).

            Note, if you add inductions, permits and/or insurances in the Access Level the changes are unique to the Access Level selected and will not appear in the Access Template.

            To edit a permit click the icon on the ‘Permit’ table.
            To view an uploaded document click on theicon.
            To delete a permit select the icon.


                           Access> Access Levels> Contractors

            Adding/Inviting a Contractor to an Access Template/Level


            Go to Contractors> Contractors, locate the contractor and click the  or  icon in the ‘Fit’ column.


            To add the contractor to an Access Level click the  icon, at the top of the page.

            Select the Access Template and Access Level you wish to add the contractor to.
            Click either ‘Add Contractor’ or ‘Invite Contractor’.

            Selecting ‘Invite Contractor’ will send a personalised email to the contractor who can then complete relevant inductions etc

            In order to resend the invitation email to a contractor select the  icon. This will send another email to the contractor inviting them to the Access Level selected.


            After one contractor has been added to the Access Level, to add a new contractor simply click on the  icon on the top left of the‘Contractors’ table.
            Add the relevant information into the corresponding boxes and select either ‘Add Contractor’ or ‘Invite Contractor’.

            To edit contractor details click the icon or to delete click theicon.

            Once the contractor has been added, you can update the contractor’s details to include emergency details for the contractor.

            Individual Contractors   

            To manage a contractor’s Access Level, including induction, permits and certificates, click on the icon in the ‘Fit’ column or the ‘Denied’ column (if applicable).
             = not certified
             = denied access to site
             = certified and fit for work
            The Access Template and Access Level the contractor has been assigned to will appear with the assigned inductions and permits e.g. ‘Working with Heights: Tightrope Walking’

            To add the contractor to an additional Access Level select the  icon to the left of the contractor’s name and company (top left hand corner).

            Adding Certificates/Documents

            If you selected ‘Invite Contractor’ the contractor can manage and add their relevant certification and jot forms (if applicable). The contractor will then need to be certified.
            To add a certificate or document click the  icon next to the ‘Contractors Name – Certificates’ e.g. Bob Builder – Certificates


            Insert relevant information.

            To upload a file select ‘Choose File’ and then ‘Add Certificate’.

            To edit certificate details click the icon, to view the PDF document click the icon  or to delete click theicon.

            Certifying a Contractor

            Once you have added a contractor to an Access Template/Level (see: Adding/Inviting a Contractor to an Access Template/Leveland the contractor has complete relevant inductions/permits/insurances you can 'Certify' the contractor for work on-site.

            Navigate to the Contractors Authorisation Screen, either via the Contractors or Access tab (see: Finding a Contractor).
            To certify a contractor select the  icon in the 'Certify' column.
            Enter the relevant information and documentation (see: Adding Certificates/Documents).

            Select ‘Certify’.
            Selecting ‘Today’ or ‘+12 Months’ will add the corresponding dates.

            There should now be a checked box with a green tick in the ‘Certify’ box.

            Events Monitor         

            The Events Monitor displays events from the Contractor Authorisation Screen. To refresh select the  icon.


                           Access> Access Levels> Access Level Details

            To export the information from Register> Today+ to an Excel spreadsheet, click the Excel logo and follow the prompts to download.

                           Access> Access Levels> Graphs

            Access> Revalidate

            The ‘Revalidate’ screen displays the status of the various permits for multiple contractors. Importantly, it shows the time frame in which the permit will expire.
            To select the time frame of expiry you wish to see, click the dropdown menu next to ‘Expiring within’ and select your desired option.
            To select the permit you wish to see, click the dropdown menu next to ‘For Permit’ and select your desired option.


            If you are managing parent/child sites you can switch between the sites using the dropdown menu. The parent site e.g.‘Winware Enterprises’ will show data across all sites. Individual child sites shows data unique to that site e.g ‘Warkworth’

             To export the information from Access> Revalidate to an Excel spreadsheet, click the Excel logo and follow the prompts to download.

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 08:03 AM
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