Active v Inactive Contractors

            Contractors can be set as ‘Inactive’. The contractor maintenance screens can then be filtered showing either ‘Active’ or ‘Inactive’ contractors.
            This allows you to simply “hide” those contractors which you don’t want or need to maintain. By making the contractor ‘Inactive’ the historical data is maintained and is easily viewable at any stage by simply making the contractor ‘Active’ again.

            How to Make Contractors Active or Inactive


            The Active/Inactive status of the contractor needs to be maintained individually for each contractor.
            Navigate to the Contractors> Contractors page, search for and select the contractor you wish to edit.
            Select the icon to the left of their name.
            Check the ‘Active’ box to make the contractor active or uncheck the box to set them as inactive.
            Click ‘Update’.

            Viewing Active/Inactive Contractors

            Navigate to the Contractors> Contractors tab to view the new feature.
            The ‘Active’ check button is to the right of the site dropdown menu. To show all contractors that are ‘Inactive’ uncheck the tick.


            Effect on the Access Level

            When viewing an Access Level (either by navigation to Access> Access Levels (By Template) or Access> Access Levels) only ‘Active’ contractors appear.


            Effect on the Revalidate Screen

            Navigate to Access> Revalidate to view the effect of the feature.
            The revalidate screen will only show ‘Active’ contractors.
            Updated: 27 Jun 2019 09:51 AM
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