Adding an Additional Field to the Label

            Adding an additional field to the visitors label for example, car registration, can be edited in Visitor Rego.

            Navigate to Options > Registration setup to find the database field. The database field for car registration is called‘Vehicle’.

            Navigate to Options> Maintain Site.

            Click ‘Open’ on the label template.

            Select the ‘Label’ tool.

            Add a new label field, place your label accordingly.
            Type your desired Database Field into the DataField box on the right.

            Click ‘Save As’ and save your label.

            Back to Options> Maintain Site, ensure the ‘Label Template’ is the updated one.

            Reprint or sign in to view the new label template:

            The added field now displays the Car Registration number.

            The same process can be used for other database fields, see: Data Fields for a list of available fields
            Updated: 20 Dec 2018 06:07 AM
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