Adding a Contractor

            There are three different ways to add contractors to the VisitorRego Portal 
            1. From the contractor list
            1. From a contractor company 
            1. If the contractor has already signed in

            Adding a contractor from the contractor list

            The Contractors> Contractors tab displays the data of all registered contractors.
            To add a new contractor using VRF Online click the  icon, at the top left of the contractors table.

            Insert relevant information into the corresponding boxes.  A first and last name must be entered.

            If you are aware that a contractor is already on the system, enter their email address and click the  (magnifying glass) icon to retrieve their details. If you do not know the contractors email, leave the ‘email’ box blank and the system will generate a unique email ID for the contractor.

            The Send Email tick box is for sending online inductions or site requirements to a contractor to complete before they come on site.

            When you have finished entering the information click the Add Contractor button.

            You will then be asked to select any permits that apply from the list of Existing Permits. 

            If you require a permit that is not on the list you can create this by clicking the Add New Permit button and following these instructions.

            Otherwise use the check box to select the permits and then click the Add Checked Permits button. 

            A pop up will now ask if you would like to Maintain Contractor Now?

            Yes, Maintain Contractor - this will take you to the contractor profile.

            Close and Maintain Contractor Later - this will return you to the Contractors > Contractors list.

            Selecting Yes Maintain Contractor

            This takes you to the contractor profile. From here you can:
            - Add permits
            - Certify permits
            - Add access levels

            - Add documents

            - See documents contractors have uploaded from their portal.

            To maintain the contractor by certifying the permit click on the cross symbol in the Fit column.

            Enter the expiry date by typing using the keyboard, selecting from the date picker or clicking the +12months button.

            The contractor is now certified and will be seen as compliant when registering.

            Adding a contractor from a contractor company 

            Adding a contractor who has already signed in 

            Updated: 27 Jun 2019 09:57 AM
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