Adding a Custom Report

            To add a new custom report you need to tell VisitorRego how to retrieve the data from the database and how to format this data in a report.

            Open the Custom Reports screen:

            In the 'new record' (the blank record with '*' in the 'row selector') record enter the following:

            Report Name:

            The name of the report. There is no restriction on this name. It describes the report.

            Report Template:

            The name of report template file. This file holds the language that formats the data. This language is called xml. The report template is designed and maintained by the report designer. The report designer gives a user friendly means of writing xml. To design a report click on the button 'Design' to open the report designer. Please refer to Report Builder for a full description on the report designer.

            SQL Description:

            A description of the SQL. There is no restriction on this name. It describes the underlying SQL.

            Close and reopen this screen to define the new custom report.

            Hint: The best way to create a new custom report is to take an existing report - and change it to meet the requirement.

            Hint: Writing SQL is not for the faint hearted! It should only be attempted by competent database expert.
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 07:35 AM
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