Adding and Renaming Registration Fields

            When adding a new field first determine if the new field applies to most visitors or whether it is something that doesn't need to be on the default tab page.

            As a scenario, a company may want to record the status of a visitor's safety induction:
            • The field doesn't apply to each visitor, so it doesn't need to appear on the default tab
            • The database 'SafetyInduction' best describes the data
            • The field is labeled 'Date of Safety Induction' to better describe it as it appears on the Registration screen

            ​To access this setup, from VisitorRego's Admin mode, choose Options> Registration Setup.

            The changes made to this screen are saved automatically when you close the Registration Setup window.

            When the screen is closed the changes are reflected on the Registration screen.

            With the 'Health & Safety' tab open:

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 05:50 AM
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