Adding Certificates/Documents to a Contractor

            Find the Contractor you wish to certify and navigate to their Contractors Authorisation Screen by clicking the icon in the 'Fit' column.

            Click the symbol in the 'Fit' column to open their contractor profile

            To add a certificate or document click the  icon next to the ‘Contractors Name – Certificates’ 
            e.g. Bob Builder – Certificates



            This will open the pop up window

            Insert relevant information.


            To upload a file select ‘Choose File’ and then ‘Add Certificate’.

            Files must be in a .pdf format.

            The file details will then be displayed in the Certificates section. 

            Repeat this process to upload more documents.

            To edit certificate details click the

            To view the PDF document click the icon 

            To delete click the

            The uploaded certificates/documents can then be used to certify a contractor (see: Certifying a Contractor).

            If you selected ‘Invite Contractor’ the contractor can manage and add their relevant certification and jot forms (if applicable).

            The contractor will then need to have documents uploaded (explanation below) and then be certified 
            Certifying a Contractor).

            Updated: 27 Jun 2019 10:24 AM
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