Create Permits

            Permits are an easy way to manage contractors permits, inductions and insurances (Access Templates/Levels are for advanced contractor management).

            In VRP, navigate to Access> Permits. On this page all your permits are listed.

            You can also edit permits by pressing the


            Creating a new permit

            Create a new permit by selecting 'Add New Permit' button. See where you can create new permits for more detail about where you'll see this button. 

            Step 2. Fill in permit details.

            • Active: means that the permit can be seen via the Contractor Authorisation Screen and contractors can be added to the permit. Ensure this is selected in order to use the permit.
            • Mandatory: means that the permit is compulsory and needs to be certified in order for a contractor to be allowed on-site.
            • Choose File & Document Name: a PDF file can be uploaded to the permit for future reference. Name the document if needed.
            • JotForm ID: see Auto Certify Contractors using JotForms for more information.

            Step 3. Click ‘Add’. The permit will now appear in the ‘Add Permits’ box. 

            Where you can create new permits

            Permits can be added via:

            - Access > Permits,
            - the Contractor Authorisation Screen
            - when you add a new contractor
            - when you add a new contractor company 

            Step 1.
              Click on the icon or the Add Permits button.

            Access> Permits page

            Contractor Authorisation Screen

            When adding a new contractor or contractor company

            The permit will now appear either in the permits list or on the contractor’s or contractor company's authorisation page, depending on the method used.

            Updated: 12 Jun 2019 02:02 PM
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