Adding permits to a company

            In the Company Permits and Insurance section, press the Add Permits button.

            The Add Permits pop up will display any permits that have already been set up. If you need a permit that is not on the list you can add this by clicking the Add New Permit button. 
            Select any permits that apply to the company and click the Add Checked Permits button. 

            This will add the permits in the Company Permits and Insurance section. 

            Certify a company permit

            To certify a permit you have added click the cross symbol  in the Certify column. 

            The certify pop up will display the permit details and the current date and a date 12 months in the future will be automatically populated. 
            If you need to change either date you can use the keyboard, date picker or +12 months button. 

            Then click the Certify button. 

            The date of certification and expiry will be updated in the company profile and the cross in the certify column will become a tick. 
            Updated: 12 Jun 2019 11:39 AM
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