Advanced Contractor Management - Creating an Access Template

            The following article details Advanced Contractor Management (Access Levels), it is advisable that you use Permits instead, which is a straight forward, easy induction process.

            Click here for an article explaining Permits.

            Navigate to the Access> Access Templates tab.

            To create a new Access Template,
            click on the icon.

            Add the necessary details into the corresponding boxes and select ‘Add’.

            Note: Clicking the    icon will delete the Access Template.

            Navigate back to the ‘Access Templates’ page, refresh the page and the new Access Template will appear.

            Click on the  icon to edit the Access Template and add inductions, permits and/or insurances.

            Note: there must be at least one Access Template before you can add an Access Level.

            Setting up Inductions/Permits/Insurances

            To add new inductions, permits and/or insurances click on the icon.
            Add the necessary details into the corresponding boxes.
            Select ‘Mandatory’ and/or upload a PDF document, if required.

            Select ‘Add’.


            The permit will appear in the ‘Inductions/Permits/Insurances’ table.

            To edit permit details press the  icon, select the  icon to view the PDF document or the icon to delete.

            Adding an Access Level

            Navigate to the Access> Access Levels (By Template) tab.
            To add an Access Level select the ‘Access Template’ for the level to be linked to, from the dropdown menu.

            Add the relevant information into the corresponding boxes.

            Select ‘Add’, then go to the Access> Access Levels tab to view the new access level.

            The next step is to Create an Access Level.

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 07:59 AM
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