An Overview of Loading Staff

            When a visitor registers they specify the staff member they are meeting with. Once the staff member has been specified the following can be determined:
            • The label that will be printed. The managing director may want a different label for their visitors or some staff members may be in a restricted area and their  visitor's label will need to highlight this. 
            • The Health and Safety requirements. These may differ between staff members and the department they work within.

            Once the visitor has registered, an email, SMS or both can be sent informing the staff member that the visitor has arrived. 

            Staff details can be input and maintained in many different ways depending on how your VisitorRego system is setup

            • Directly using the Maintain Staff screen
            • Maintained in a CSV or Excel file and uploaded.
            • Downloaded from the active directory.
            • Online, using the VRFacilities management system
            • Custom Staff load - a routine that is written to load details from a specific data source such as Excel (from say PeopleSoft) or an existing SQL data source - ask our support team for more info

            Updated: 07 Mar 2019 05:19 AM
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