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            Valuables is a useful feature for keeping track of valuable items such a keys, access passes etc. that are given to contractors or visitors during their stay. Items are assigned to a registered visitor and signed out and in accordingly. A visitor cannot sign out of VisitorRego until they have returned the valuables assigned to them.

            Note: using Valuables is an optional extra

            ***This article will explain the ‘Valuables’ tab in VRF, note that Valuables is to be used in conjunction with VisitorRego.***

            Use your email address and password to login to the site



            Clicking on the Valuables tab will present a dropdown menu with various options.

            Valuables> Register (In or Out)

            The following tab displays items that are ‘In’ (signed in), ‘Out’ (signed out to a registered visitor) or ‘Both’. Select the display you wish to see by clicking on the relevant button to the right of the ‘Part’ box.

            Valuables> Issues Today+

            On the Issues Today+ page initially you will see the valuables that have been issued today. To change the date range use the date pickers.

            If you are managing parent/child sites you can switch between the sites using the dropdown menu.

            Click on the dropdown menu next to ‘All Issues’ and select which site you wish to view.

            All of today’s registrations will appear. If you want to change the date for the information displayed, use the date range pickers.

            To export the information from the Valuables> Issues Today+ tab to an Excel spreadsheet, click the Excel icon and follow the prompts to download.

            Valuables> Valuables

            The Valuables> Valuables tab displays all categories in the valuable register. Clicking on a category e.g. Keys will present a dropdown list with listing the individual items.


            How to start using Valuables


            Setup Valuables via VRF

            Step 1. Use your email address and password to login to the VRF site:

            Step 2.  Click on the Valuables tab which will present a dropdown menu with various options.

            Step 3. Select Valuables> Valuables

            Step 4. You will now see the ‘valuables register’, click on the icon to add a new valuable.

            Step 5. Fill in the details of the valuable.

            Name of valuable
            Category which the valuable falls under. Note: this will created a category to be selected for future valuables and will be displayed on the Valuables> Valuables page.
            Display ID
            ID used to identify valuable item
            Serial Number
            Identification number of item in the series
            Barcode ID
            ID used to identify valuable item (reflected in VR)
            Individual or department responsible for the valuable item (asset manager)
            Monetary value of the item
            Location of valuable item
            Field 1
            Additional field
            Field 2
            Additional field
            Field 3
            Additional field
            Key Tag Template
            Custom feature to tag valuable items, contact the friendly VisitorRego support team for more information

            Step 6. Select ‘Add’. Navigate back to the Valuables> Valuables tab and refresh the page. 
            Step 7. You will now see the category and valuable that you added.
            Step 8. Add all valuables to the register. From there you can assign valuables to visitors using VR (see: Valuables for more information).

            Updated: 06 Jun 2019 08:32 AM
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