ID Printer Setup

            A pass is issued to a contractor (or any person that requires extended access) to make the registering quick and simple. It must be durable and ideally with a photo id.

            To capture a picture of the contractor the VisitorRego workstation needs to have a web cam installed. Once a web cam is installed the photo id function needs to be enabled.

            From VisitorRego's 
            Admin mode choose Options> System Setup> ID tab.

            Check the 'Photo IDs' check box to turn on the photo capture or webcam.

            The 'File Location Photo IDs' is the file location where photo I.D's will be saved. VisitorRego stores each photo I.D. as a separate .jpeg file at this location. If there are two or more VisitorRego workstations then this file location needs to be located on a shared network drive so the photos can be shared between workstations.

            The 'Print Label' option, allows visitors and contractors to use a personal I.D., such as a drivers license or an issued pass, to register themselves by scanning this I.D. They will then receive a printed label.

            The 'Prompt' option will retrieve the visitor or contractors details when their Personal I.D. is scanned, and make them available on screen so any changes can be made if necessary before registering.

            The group box labeled 'ID Printer' defines the printer that will be use as the ID printed. This printer can be any printer attached to the workstation. 

            To produce high quality photo ID cost effectively, use a colour laser or inkjet printer. The output is plain paper that can be guillotined to size then laminated.

             A card printer can be attached to print a high quality plastic card.

            Alternatively the label printer that is used to print the standard visitor label can be used.

            To turn on the function to print an ID card - check the box labeled 'ID Printer Attached'. This adds a button to 'Registration' screen, labeled 'ID'. It also adds a text box 'Expire ID on'. This is the date the pass will expire i.e. it won't register the person if used after this date. 

            From the drop down box labeled 'ID Printer' select the printer to be used. The printers that appear in this drop down box are only those printers installed on the workstation.

            You can then set up a 'staff member' with the specific ID template so that you can print your ID's.

            For more information on giving staff members their own label template see: Label Templates for Staff
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 06:38 AM
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