Assigning Staff to Access Level

            Ensure that staff members have been loaded onto VRF (see: Overview of Loading Staff for more information). Staff can then be assigned to an Access Level and certified.

            Step 1. Navigate to Staff> Staff to view the staff list.

            The ‘Fit’ column indicates the Access Level status. It has the same function as the ‘Fit’ column for contractors.

            Step 2. Staff members will have an empty square box icon. All staff with this empty square box have not been assigned an access level.

            Click on the  icon to assign the staff member to an Access Level.

            Step 3. Select the relevant Access Template and Level and click ‘Add to Access Level’.

            Step 4. The icon in the ‘Fit’ column will change to the  icon. Indicating that the person belongs to an Access Level, but there is an issue. They are either not certified, have expired, or there is an issue with the insurance.

            Click on the  icon to open the Authorisation Screen.


            Contractor Authorisation Screen:

            Step 5. To certify the staff member select the  icon in the 'Certify' column.

            Step 6. Enter the relevant information and documentation (see: Adding Certificates/Documents to a Contractor, although contractors are specified, the process is the same).

            Selecting 'Today' will default to today's date or 'Today +12' will default to today's date plus 12 months.

            Select ‘Certify’.

            Step 7. There should now be a checked box with a green tick  in the ‘Certify’ box.

            Step 8. Navigate back to the Staff> Staff tab, the certified staff member will now display the icon in the ‘Fit’ column.

            Step 9. The staff member is now assigned to an access level.

            Note: Staff members listed on VRF can be accessed by the VR Appliance. The listed staff members will populate the‘Meeting With’ dropdown menu on the VisitorRego Self Registration screen. Changing staff member details on VRF will sync to VisitorRego.  

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 08:00 AM
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