Auto-certify Contractors using Jotforms

            JotForms can be setup to require a 100% pass mark before the contractor can submit the form. That way, once they have submitted the form the contractor has then met the mandatory requirements and can be automatically certified.
            To set up this feature logon to VRF and navigate to Access> Access Templates> (Select Relevant Template)> Inductions/Permits/Insurances.

            Step 1. Tick the ‘Auto Certify on Jotform Submission for:’checkbox and indicate the number of months in the‘Months’ box. After X months the auto certification process will expire.

            Step 2. Enter a dollar amount into the ‘Cover Required’ box. Select whether ‘Mandatory’and/or ‘Active’, upload a file if needed and select‘Add’.
            Step 3. Enter a name for the Induction/Permit/Insurance and the JotForm ID (contact our support team for the JotForm ID at a small setup cost).

            Complete Automated Online Induction and Management System

            To implement the above process add a new contractor via Contractors> Contractors and add the contractor to the Access Template and Level where the Induction/Permit/Insurance Details have been set to ‘Auto Certify’ (see above).

            From the managerial point of view that is all that is needed. Now the contractor has to sign in and complete their induction. 

            However, if needed a contractor can be certified using a manager's account. Click here to watch a video which outlines how to induct contractors on the spot.

            Contractor Induction

            If not certified on the spot using the manager's VRF account as outlined above the contractor will need to induct themself.

            The contractor signs into their VRF Contractor Profile.
            Once signed in, the basic details of the job will be displayed under the 'Job Invites' section.

            If there is a new invite, it needs to accept before you can view the job details. Click on the Invite Logo icon to accept or decline the invite. Choose to 'Accept' or 'Decline'. By accepting the invite the job will appear under the 'My Jobs' section. 

            In the 'My Jobs' section click on the icon in the ‘Fit’ column of the relevant job.

            Open the PDF induction document by clicking on the icon. Open the Jotform by clicking the icon.

            Note: all forms with auto certify only show the submit button once all answers are correct ensuring a 100% pass rate.

            Complete the Jotform and submit.

            Once submitted a thank you message will appear:

            The contractor has now been automatically certified for X amount of months specified in the Access Template and Level.

            An email will be set to the VRF Admins and the contractor confirming the certification.
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 08:00 AM
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