Certification Notification

            The Certification Notification is a feature particularly useful for the induction and certification of contractors. In instances where a contractor does not sign in at a VisitorRego Appliance, they can sign in using a smart device (smart phone or tablet) and carry a certificate as evidence that they are authorised to be on-site.

            The feature allows the facility manager to send an email to the contractor, informing them that they have been certified for a specific Access Level. The email is derived from a template, allowing it to be customised to each individual site.

            The certificate is attached a notification email. The attachment (PDF document) is evidence that the contractor has been authorised for work under the specific Access Level. A contractor can also sign into their VisitorRego account to view and print the certificate as required.

            Setting up Certification Notification

            Both the email and certificate templates need to be created by VisitorRego. VisitorRego can send existing templates as a starting point. However, the finished templates need to be put in place on the VRF server.
            Using the Access Template
            Adding the email and certificate templates to the Access Template will ensure that all new Access Levels created under the Access Template will automatically include the email notification and supporting certificate.
            If the ‘Notify Email Template’ section is left blank, you do not have the option to send the notification email or supporting certificate. If you leave the ‘Certificate Template’ section blank but have the ‘Notify Email Template’ section filled, only a notification email will be sent.


            Using the Access Level
            Each new Access Level created under the Access Template will have the email and certificate templates set as a default. However, the email and certificate templates can be changed for individual Access Levels.


            Sending the Notification Email and Certificate
            When an Access Level has an email template in the ‘Notify Email Template’ section, an email icon appears on the Contractor Authorisation Screen.

            The confirmation email should be sent after the Access Level has been certified and the contractor has completed all relevant inductions, permits and insurances.


            To send a confirmation email click the  icon.

            Ensure the email details are correct.

            Click ‘Send Notification’.

            An email will be sent, creating an event in the monitor log. If specified (in the ‘Certificate Template’ section), a certificate will be created, saved as a PDF and sent with the email as an attachment. The certificate will be saved under the contractor’s ‘Certificates’ section on the Contractor’s Authorisation Screen. A contractor can then sign into their VisitorRego account to view and print the certificate as required.
            Updated: 16 Jan 2020 04:12 AM
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