Certifying a Contractor

            Step 1. Find the Contractor you wish to certify and navigate to their Contractors Authorisation Screen by clicking the icon in the 'Fit' column.

            Step 2. This will display the site requirements for the contractor. If no requirements are visible click the purple ‘Add Permits’ button and follow these instructions.

            Step 3.  Tick the boxes of the permits that apply to the contract. Then click ‘Add Checked Permits’. The requirement will then be displayed on the Contractors Authorisation Screen.

            Step 4. To certify a contractor select the  icon in the 'Certify' column. The contractor may need to certified for more than one induction/permit, each of which need to be certified separately.

            Step 5.  In the ‘Certify’ box enter the relevant information and documentation (see: Adding Certificates/Documents to a Contractor).

            Selecting 'Today' will default to today's date or '+12 Months' will default to today's date plus 12 months.

            Check the 'Auto Notify' box to send a reminder email to the contractor before expiry (see: Auto Notification of a 
            Permit/Induction/Insurance Expiring
             for more information​).

            Step 6. Select 'Certify'.

            Step 7. There should now be a checked box with a green tick  in the 'Certify' box.

            Step 8. Repeat Steps 4 - 6 for additional inductions/permits that need to be certified. 
            Updated: 27 Jun 2019 10:37 AM
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