Changing the Label Roll on a Brother QL-700 Label Printer

            1. Locate the keys to your VisitorRego unit and open the enclosure that houses the label printer.

                  a) For Kiosk units, open the top door located at the back of the kiosk.

                  b) For Flex units, unlock the enclosure drawer at the rear, then pull open the drawer from the front.


            2. Open the print cover using the indent pictured.


            3. Remove the old label roll and label cartridge by gently pulling on the whole piece directly upwards (entire cartridge pictured below).

            4. Unpack your new roll of labels, removing any tape holding the labels in place.

            5. Feed the loose end of the labels, label side down, into the slot as pictured. Feed the labels through until you can see them coming through the front of the printer in the front of the unit.


            6. Gently push the entire cartridge of labels down into the guide slot.


            7. Tighten the slack on the label roll (if there is any), then close the printer cover.


            8. Make sure that the 'Editor' light (circled) is NOT on. If it is, press and hold the 'Editor' button until the light goes off.


            There should only be ONE solid green light illuminated on the printer which is found on the left hand side. This is labelled 'Status' and is under the power button.

            Note: During the process of changing the label roll, a dialogue box may have appeared on the VisitorRego screen in the bottom right. Press 'Resume' to resume printing once the label roll is changed.

            Updated: 07 Mar 2019 08:07 AM
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