Changing a Label Roll on Seiko Printer

            This guide applies to the Seiko 450 & Seiko 650 printer, pictured respectively.

            To change a label roll, ensure the printer power cord is connected and the printer is turned on. The green Status Light should be flashing.


                 Step 1. Press the left and right side of the Roll Cover, and lift up the edge of the Roll Cover to open.
                 Step 2. 
            Remove the spindle from the printer and insert the label roll into the spindle so that the free end of the label.
                 Step 3. Roll comes off the bottom of the roll, label side down.
                 Step 4. Put the labels and spindle back into the printer.
                 Step 5. 
            Insert the free end of the roll into the paper inlet slot.
                 Step 6. Push the label stock into the paper inlet slot until you feel a slight resistance.
                 Step 7. Continue pushing gently.

            The printer automatically feeds the labels through and aligns the end in the exit slot. If the label end doesn't appear through the exit slot, press and release the Form Feed Button (the middle button with an arrow) to advance the labels.

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 06:37 AM
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