Changing and Updating Graphics

            All the screens containing branding in VisitorRego are jpg images and can be found in the Res folder of the appliance.


            NB these must be jpg images

            Top tip Check the new graphics in the correct resolution for your screen. To find this information, right-click on your desktop and choose 'Screen Resolution'

            Multiple screens
            If you are displaying multiple screens then these need to be tagged and the first screen file selected during the update process. 

            1. Save new graphic files to the VR Appliance


            Copy and paste the new graphic files into the Res folder of the appliance. C:\Program Files x86\VisitorRego.NET\Res


            You may do this using a USB stick, remote software, or contacting VisitorRego support.


            If the new graphics files have the same name as the old, then choose the Copy and Replace option when pasting the files into the Res folder. 


            *Note* You will not need Step 2 if you used this Copy and Replace option - simply restart VisitorRego to see your new graphics.


            2. Update graphic files (Welcome, Background, Health and safety)


            The Welcome, Background and Health & Safety screens are set in Admin Mode.

            Go to Options > System Setup > Site Defaults


            To change the name of the graphics, click the name field of the graphic you want to update. 


            This will highlight the file name and a 3 dot button will be shown on the right of the field. 


            Click this button to open Explorer and navigate to the Res folder where the images are saved - C:\Program Files x86\VisitorRego.NET\Res


            Select the file that relates to the image you are updating.

            Welcome screen example

            Background screen example

            Health and safety screen example


            3. Updating Workflow graphics


            Workflows allows you to show different health and safety information to different groups of people. This video provides an example of what this looks like. 


            If you have Workflows save the graphics into the Res folder as in Step 1. above. 


            In Admin Mode navigate to Options > System Setup > Site Defaults


            On the right the coloured buttons will be ticked and renamed if in use for a Workflow. 


            Select the workflow you want to update. 


            A pop up window containing the details of the select Workflow will appear.


            You can either type in the name of the file, or click the three dot button to open Explorer and select the file that relates to the graphic you are updating. 


            Click Open to check the file is correct. 


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