Changing and Updating Graphics (Pre V10)

            Sometimes, the company branding on the VisitorRego appliance needs updating due to a change of logo, or simply new health and safety requirements. All the screens containing branding in VisitorRego are jpg images and can be found in the Res folder of the appliance, continue reading for more details.

            To change or update the graphics on the VisitorRego appliance is a two step approach.

            1. Place the new graphic files on the PC
            2. Point VisitorRego to these new graphics

            1. Place the new graphic files on the PC

            Once you have the new graphics in the correct resolution for your screen (to find this information, right-click on your desktop and choose 'Screen Resolution', copy these graphics onto a USB key and plug this into any spare port on your VisitorRego appliance. If you are using a VisitorRego touchscreen, you will find spare ports to the left hand side of the screen.

            Copy and paste the new graphic files into the Res folder of the appliance, the file path for this is C:\Program Files\VisitorRego.NET\Res for 32 bit machines or  C:\Program Files x86\VisitorRego.NET\Res for 64 bit machines.

            If the new graphics files have the same name as the old, then choose the Copy and Replace option when pasting the files into the Res folder. *Note* You will not need Step 2 if you used this Copy and Replace option - simply re-start VisitorRego to see your new graphics.

            2. Point VisitorRego to these new graphics

            From VisitorRego's Admin Mode, select Options> Maintain Site.

            Click in the field containing the file name of the old graphic to get a cursor, then simply change the name of the current image e.g. 'Welcome.jpg' to the name of the new image e.g. 'Welcome_new.jg'.

            You can then view the images VisitorRego is using by clicking the Open button to the right of the image's file name.

            Health and Safety files copied to the Res folder will have tags.  This enables the files to be displayed in the necessary order.  The first file needs to be specified in the 'Health and Safety field in the screenshot above.

            Note: this will open the default program for editing images in order to preview the image in question.

            Make sure...

            • That the right file extensions are used e.g. .jpg, .bmp, or .gif.
            • That the new image is placed under the correct site and in the correct column.

            Updated: 17 Oct 2019 01:44 PM
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