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            The name of the visitor registration software, used to register visitors, run reports regarding who is on-site and when, print identification labels and notify staff.

            Self Registration Mode

            Self Registration Mode is the setting where visitors are able to register themselves via a touchscreen. They will enter their details on the Self-Registration Screen and generally move through to view and accept health and safety information.

            Admin Mode

            Admin Mode is the backend module used to manage settings.

            System Setup

            System Setup is accessed through Admin Mode acts as the centralised point for controlling settings used by VisitorRego, such as graphics, which database to use, which printer, and SMS/email notifications.

            VisitorRego Portal or VRP

            This is your online dashboard where you can view people on site, run historical records, update staff member, pre-register visitors. If you are on the Enterprise software tier you can also manage contractors.


            Contractor Authorisation screen or Contractor Profile 

            From here you can: 

            - View contractor permits and compliance
            - Add permits
            - Certify permits
            - Add access levels

            - Add documents

            - See documents contractors have uploaded from their portal. 


            The name of the folder where VisitorRego files are housed. Most usually found through C:\Program Files\VisitorRego.NET.

            Updated: 12 Jun 2019 02:34 PM
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