Connecting to a Database

            Finding the location of, and connecting to your VisitorRego database can be done via the Database tab.

            To access this, from VisitorRego's
            Admin mode, choose Options> System Setup> Database tab.


            Under the Databases tab there is a field labelled 'Database Engine' which is used to switch between the two database modes; SQL and Microsoft Access.

            Choosing either of the two will automatically show the options associated with each one.

            Microsoft Access


            This is the default setting. VisitorRego is distributed with a local Access database for ease of install and trialling the software.

            The Path of VisitorRego.mdb  shows the location of this database file.

            SQL using Windows Authentication

            SQL is the preferred database engine. If the company doesn't already have an SQL server, then SQL Express can be downloaded and installed free from Microsoft.

            Note: you can only use an SQL database if you are running VR - Professional.

            SQL using SQL authentication

            Many companies are concerned with security, especially connecting a workstation to their network that is used by the public. If this is the case the workstation used by the public can be cabled to the network but authenticate against the domain. VisitorRego can then access the SQL database on a back end server within the domain and it only authenticates against this server using SQL authentication.

            Changing databases requires VisitorRego to close the current connection and reopen the new connection. Click 'Apply' to make the changes to the configuration file. When the System Setup screen is closed is the time when the new database connection will be opened. 

            It is good practice when ever changing a configuration setting, to stop and start VisitorRego The changes are only written to the configuration file when VisitorRego is stopped.
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 06:21 AM
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