Converting Visitors to Contractors

            Log on to the the VisitorRego Portal.

            Navigate to the Register> Today+ page. 

            To search for a person, enter their name into the Part search box and choose whether you are searching for a 'First' Name, 'Last' Name or 'Company'.

            Find the visitor you wish to set as a Contractor and click the "Visitor" icon to the left of their name.

            The Registration Details window will appear, showing all the current information about the person. 

            To convert the visitor to a Contractor select the 'Set As Contractor'

            A pop up window will appear confirming that the switch has been successful.

            The contractor will need to be certified otherwise they will be denied access the next time they register. 

            See Certifying a Contractor for the next steps. 
            Updated: 27 Jun 2019 10:56 AM
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