Custom Reports

            ustom reports can be written to meet a specific requirement. 

            To view the custom reports window, from Admin mode choose  
            Reports> Custom Reports

            This opens the custom reports screen showing all existing reports.

            Add New Report - Click here to add a new report. (See: Adding a Custom Report for more information).

            Report Name - The name of the report to be run. 

            Report Template -  The name of the template VisitorRego will use to create the report. These templates are held in the Res folder in the VisitorRego.NET root directory.

            Print - Print the report directly to your plain paper printer. (See: Plain Paper Printer Setup for more information).

            Preview - Opens a print preview window for the report specified to view before printing. You can export as a pdf to save the report from here.

            Design - Opens the report template in an editable form. From here you can add or delete fields and modify the report layout.

              - Exports the report data into an excel spreadsheet. You will need to have excel installed to use this function.

             - Opens the report query in an SQL editable format

            From Date - use the drop down box to select the start date for the the date range you want the report from.

            To Date -  use the drop down box to select the the end date for the the date range you want the report from.
            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 07:34 AM
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