Under each site there can be many Departments.

            The Department Record defines default settings for the Department, these being department specific Health and Safety rules and department specific visitor labels i.e the Health and Safety requirements for visiting an industrial area are quite different from those for visiting an office area.

            The hierarchy of information is Staff, Department then Site. In which VisitorRego will first look at the staff table for any special instructions then the department table, then finally the site information.

            To set up and specify the files for each department, 
            from VisitorRego's Admin Mode, choose File> Departments.

            Click to edit the fields to and add the file names of the specific files required. Closing the window will save the details.

            Once the departments are setup, you can link staff members to the department using the Staff table.

            Use the department drop down box to set the department of the staff member.

            Updated: 27 Jun 2019 09:55 AM
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