Emergency Function

            In case of an emergency such as a fire, VisitorRego.NET has a pre-built function to print off a list of the visitors who are currently on site. This list can be printed to the Label Printer or a Plain Paper Printer if you save one networked and setup. If you have multiple sites setup, you can request this report from another site. This list can also be accessed from your Smart Phone if you are using the Emergency Data function available in the latest version of VisitorRego.

            The Emergency Function can be accessed from both Self Registration and Admin Mode.
            Self Registration
            To print off the emergency list from Self Registration type '111' or '000' into the 'Meeting With' field. This should change the 'Press to Register' button to the 'Emergency' button.

            Press the now highlighted Emergency button to print your on-site list.

            Admin Mode
            In Admin mode simply click on the emergency button located along the top menu bar of the window.

            Choosing where your Emergency Report is printed

            From Admin mode, select Options> System Setup> Printers tab. From here you can choose to 'Use this Label Printer as the emergency printer', and, specify how many visitors you would like to print per label.

            Click 'Apply' to hold any changes.

            Updated: 27 Jan 2019 12:22 PM
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