Emergency report via VisitorRego Portal

            In case of an emergency such as a fire, VRP has an emergency feature which displays all registered persons on-site.
            Log on to VRP: https://facilities.visitorrego.com/VRF

            The 'Emergency'​ button is found at the bottom of the 'Register' tab.

            All registered visitors will be displayed along with their:
            • Company
            • Contact Number
            • Vehicle Registration
            • Time of Arrival
            • Who they are meeting with

            There are FIVE Tabs at the top which will give you different views when selected.

            On-Site - Shows you who is on-site.

            Not Accounted - shows you who has not been accounted for.

            Accounted - shows you who has been accounted for.

            Clicking the '?' icon will turn it into a tick (meaning this person is accounted for). They will now show up under the 'Accounted' tab.

            Registrations Today - Shows you who has signed in on the day.

            'File' - is a drop down box which will let you sign into facilities.

            A Green 'Tick'  will show up in the 'Assist' column indicating the person(s) needing assistance. Evacuation assistance is determined in Self Registration, when 'Yes' is ticked in the 'Evacuation Assistance' field, the individual is flagged as needing assistance in the case of an emergency.

            Clicking on the magnifying Glass  next to the persons name will open up a full page of details.

            Updated: 31 Oct 2019 11:19 AM
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