Enabling the reception bell and selecting the graphic file

            To use the reception bell it needs to first be enabled. The graphic for the reception bell must also be configured. To enable the reception bell and select the graphic, please follow the steps below.

            1. From VisitorRego's Admin mode choose Options> System Setup> General tab> Custom Function. 

            2. Tick the checkbox ‘Reception Bell’ to turn on the function.

            3. Select the graphic file you want to use by tapping in the ‘Reception Bell Button’ field, then by tapping on the button that appears to select the file.

            4. Browse to the location of the file you want to use. Select the file, then tap the ‘Open’ button.

            5. Close the System Setup window.

            Note: The reception bell button graphic can be customised for your company. Please contact VisitorRego support for any changes you would like us to make to the graphics.

            Note: You will also see options to set a ‘Reception Bell Notify Subject’ and ‘Reception Bell Notify Message’. These options allow you to change the subject and message in the notification email that is sent. There is also an option to change the time in seconds between pressing the reception bell button. The setting is called ‘Reception Bell Wait’ which stops the reception bell button being pushed multiple times sending out multiple notifications at once.

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