Entering Safety Induction (Option 1)

            After 'Safety Induction Date' has been enabled the Admin mode screen looks like the following.


            To enter the date the safety induction expires for a contractor, first select the contractor by entering their name in the 'Name'combo box.

            Note:  the combo box labelled 'Name' is auto generating i.e. the drop down list is only populated once you start to type the person name into it.

            Once you have typed in all or part of the person name, tab to retrieve their details (or select the person from the drop down list).

            Once the details of the contractor have been retrieved from the database, click  'Health & Safety' tab to show the date their safety induction expires. 

            To update this date, either pick the date from the date picker, or enter it as dd/mm/yy. Click  'Update' button update the database, 'Register' to update and add a new registration, 'ID' to update and print an ID card and 'Label' to update and print a label.

            Updated: 27 Jan 2019 10:02 AM
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