Event Register and loading Visitors

            VisitorRego.NET is able to pre-load visitors making registration easy for events.

            Your visitor data will need to be in an Excel spreadsheet.

            To Pre-load your visitors 

            From Admin mode, click ‘Options’, ‘System Setup’ then the ‘Load Visitors’ tab.


            Click on ‘Load Visitors from Excel Spread Sheet’

            Then click on the three dots to find the file you wish to use.

            Map the Excel spreadsheet to the correct database fields in VisitorRego by using the drop down boxes, then click ‘Load Visitors from Excel'.



            Once VisitorRego.NET has loaded your visitors  a total updated visitors tally will appear. 

            To Register these visitors for the event…

            From Admin Mode, ‘File’ then ‘Event Register’


            Add the name of the Event into the ‘Event’ field, then, either start typing the visitors name or use the drop-down box to select the visitor and click ‘Register’


            Your visitor will now be registered and a visitor label printed.
            Updated: 11 Dec 2018 05:33 AM
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