How to restart the PC

            It's important that the PC is restarted and shut down using the proper method to keep the PC working. Failing to do so, especially pulling the plug out, can cause issues and require the PC to be replaced.

            Restarting the PC

            Touch the Welcome screen to move to the Self-Registration Screen 

            In the top left hand corner you will see Touch this to move to Admin Mode 

            Note: If you have a password protected VisitorRego, then you will need to put the password into the name field (leaving the cursor in the name field) and THEN click on the icon in the bottom left.

            In the top right hand corner of the desktop you will see a Restart this PC to restart it

            Touch this to restart the PC.

            You can also use the Shut down this PC button to shut it down. 

            Updated: 18 Jul 2019 08:23 AM
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