How to Add Staff Using VR Portal

            Step 1. Navigate to the Staff > Staff tab

            Note: If you are managing multiple sites select which site you wish to add the staff member. Click on the dropdown menu next to ‘Staff’ and select which site you wish to view.

            Step 2. Click the  icon to add a staff member to the list.

            Step 3. Enter relevant details and select 'Add Staff'.

            Step 4. Refresh the page and the staff member will appear in the table.

            N.B.: Most VisitorRego appliances (your touch screen counter or kiosk system) are set to pull any updated information from the VR Portal server at 3am each night, if there is an internet connection. After this has occurred the staff information you have entered will be accessible on your VisitorRego appliance.

            Updated: 13 Jun 2019 12:22 PM
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