How to Delete Staff

            To delete a staff member from the system you first need to identify where the staff list is held, if your company uses an Active Directory changes will need to be made there, otherwise you can delete staff via the VR Portal online or VisitorRego.

            Deleting staff can be done:

            Step 1. Start by logging on to

            Step 2. Navigate to Staff> Staff.

            Step 3. Select the staff member you wish to delete.

            Hint: use the ‘Part’ box to search for the staff member. Write part of their first name, last name or department and select the relevant category to search.

            Step 4. Drill down on the staff member by clicking on the   icon to the left of their name.

            Step 5. Select ‘Delete Staff’.

            Hint: The VisitorRego system will be updated when the synchronisation with the VR Portal happens overnight. 

            To see the changes immediately, a manual sync can be done at the VisitorRego appliance.

            Open VisitorRego and navigate to Options> Data Sync> Download Staff

            Deleting staff at the VisitorRego appliance:

            Step 1. Open VisitorRego.

            Step 2. Navigate to File> Staff

            Step 3.  Using the top filter bar select the initial of the staff or by clicking ‘All’ select the staff member to be deleted.

            Step 4. Click the rectangle to the left of the checkbox next to their name. An arrow will appear in the box and the selected person will be highlighted.

            Alternatively, to delete a name from 'Meeting With' uncheck the 'Active' box, they will still remain on the system but not appear in the Self Registration 'Meeting With' field.

            Step 5. Hit the ‘Delete’ button on your keyboard. 

            Step 6. Done! The staff member has now been deleted and will not appear in the ‘Staff’ list.

            Using an Active Directory

             If the staff list is housed in an Active Directory changes will need to be made there. That way any changes made in the AD can be integrated into VisitorRego and VR Portal. Otherwise if you make changes in VisitorRego and/or at the VR Portal the Active Directory will override these changes.

            After the staff member has been deleted from the Active Directory it depends on your AD Extract settings as to when the change will be reflected in VisitorRego and the VR Portal.

            Updated: 16 Jun 2019 08:04 AM
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