How to Extract a Contractor and Contractor Company Report

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            For an Individual Contractor

            Step 1. Navigate to Contractors> Today+

            Step 2. Enter the contractors name into the ‘Part’ searchbox and select either ‘First’ or ‘Last’ depending on whether it is the contractors first or last name.

            Hint: if the contractor has a common first name e.g. John, enter their last name to ensure all other ‘John’s’ are filtered out and you get the one you are specifically interested in.

            Step 3. 
            Export to Excel.

            For a Contractor Company

            Step 1. Navigate to Contractors> Today+

            Step 2. Enter the contractors company into the ‘Part’ search box and select ‘Company’.  All contractors assigned to the company specified will appear.

            Step 3. 
            Export to Excel.

            Export to Excel

            Step 1. Click the  icon.

            The Excel file will appear in your browser's downloads folder.

             Step 2.  Select the file to open.

            The information will appear in an Excel document.

            Note: to use this method Excel must be installed on the device you are using.
            Step 3. Done! Save the file to your computer and use accordingly.


            A Specific Date Range

            To select information within a certain time frame use the date range pickers.

            The information for the specific date range can be exported to Excel.

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 06:50 AM
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