How To Make Appointments using VRF

            The Register> Appointments tab displays all appointments (both future and past).

            If you are managing parent/child sites select which site you wish to make the new appointment for. Click on the dropdown menu next to ‘Appointments’ to select the site.

            To add an appointment click the  icon at the top left of the table.

            Enter relevant information and press ‘Update’.

            When a person with a set appointment registers, their details will be automatically populated once they enter their first and last names. 

            To export this information from the Register> Appointments tab to an Excel spreadsheet, click the Excel icon and follow the prompts to download. 

            Most VisitorRego appliances (your touch screen counter or kiosk system) are set to pull any updated information from the VR Cloud server at 3am each night, granted there is an internet connection.

            It is recommended to make the appointments the day before they occur to ensure they are pulled down from the cloud to your VisitorRego appliance. The appointments can then be viewed via VisitorRego (see: Viewing Appointments).

            Once your appointments are made you can pre-print appointment labels on the label printer of your VisitorRego appliance.

            For a guide to pre-printing labels for appointments see: Viewing Appointments

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            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 07:57 AM
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