How to Setup the Self Registration Key Icon (Valuables)

            To setup the Key icon to display on the Self Registration screen (displayed below) certain features must be turned on.

            Step 1. Open VisitorRego. Navigate to Options> System Setup> Custom and check the box of ‘when the ‘unattended’ button 2 is pressed’ select ‘Apply’ to hold changes.

            This will link the Key icon to the procedure of issuing a valuable when the icon is pressed.

            Step 2. To show the Keys icon on the Self Registration screen navigate to Options> System Setup> Unattended ensure the ‘Show this button on Welcome screen’ checkbox is ticked, select ‘Apply’ to hold changes.

            This will allow the Keys icon to be displayed on the Self Registration screen.

            Step 3. In order to modify and change the position of the icon logging needs to be turned on. To do so navigate to Options> System Setup> General and tick the ‘Turn on Logging’ box and select ‘Apply’ to hold changes.

            Step 4. To change the position and size of the icon open Self Registration (File> Self Registration). Right click on the icon to re-size then left click to position to icon (move the mouse around to position) and left click to set. 

            Step 5. Done! Visitors who select the Key icon can now be issued with Valuables via Self Registration.

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 07:44 AM
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