Individual Message Setup

            To setup an individual message, first locate the visitor who will receive the message.

            (See: for more information)

            Once you have found the visitor, through File> Register or File> People, click on the 'Message' button to the right of the visitor in question's details to setup and maintain the message and view the log of messages sent.

            Clicking on the 'Message' button opens the individual message setup.

            The text box holds the individual message that the visitor will be shown. The individual message will be shown between the'Show From' to the 'Show To' date.

            The text box below the from and to date - is a description of the date range the message is shown.

            When the check box 'Show Only Once' is check, the message will only be shown once between the shown from and to dates.

            The 'Message Log' shows all message that have been shown to the visitor, the date shown and their response.

            Updated: 11 Sep 2019 08:21 AM
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