Label Printer Maintenance

            Above: Seiko Smart Label Printer 450

            The Seiko Smart Label Printers are virtually maintenance free. The Seiko 450 & 650 are thermal printers.The label is heat sensitive and characters are printed by hot needles

            The only consumables are the labels. This makes the printers easy to operate and almost indestructible. 

            More labels can be ordered here: 
            Order more Labels

            The only problem we do experience is that occasionally, a label may jam. The following guide shows you how the front cover can be removed so any label jams can be freed:   Changing a Label Roll - Seiko printer


            The colour of the light on the front of the Printer can be useful in troubleshooting:

            Steady Yellow light 
            The Printer has power, is on-line, and ready to print.

            Steady Orange light 
            The Printer has power but is off-line.

            Solution: Check to make sure the white USB cable is both plugged into your Printer, and into your VisitorRego Computer.

            Flashing yellow light
            Printer is out of Labels

            Solution: Check out the 
            Seiko printer link above or click on Order more labels.

            Flashing Orange light
            Label jam

            Solution: See the Seiko printer link above

            Doesn't answer your question? See our Label Printer - FAQs article.

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 06:36 AM
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