Label Printer Setup

            Label Printers are a common component of a VisitorRego system, where visitors are printed a visitor label with a unique ID for easy identification on your site. This label also contains a barcode, so that the visitor can easily sign themselves out by scanning the unique barcode on their visitor label.

            Follow the guide below for how to choose the label printer for VisitorRego to print to.

            From VisitorRego's Admin mode, choose Options> System Setup> Printers tab.


            Use the Label Printer drop-down box to choose the name of your label printer and click 'Apply' to hold any changes.

            There are a couple of options that can be turned on or off via the 'Printers' tab.

            Printer Preview
            When this is checked instead of printing out a label upon registering, a print preview of the label will be opened in a separate window

            Use this Printer as an Emergency Printer
            When checked, in the case of an emergency the label printer will be used in place of a standard A4 printer to print the emergency visitor list.

            Number of Labels per roll
            This allows you to set the number of labels per roll (set by default to 220, the amount of labels on a standard VisitorRego label roll) so VisitorRego can
            countdown the number of labels left on the roll.

            Plain Paper Printer
            Choose a plain paper printer to print to instead of a label printer, this may require your VisitorRego system to be joined to your company's network (see: Plain Paper Printer).

            Print Directly to Printer
            Recommended. This allows the label to print straight away with no print preview.

            See the configuration guides for both Seiko and Brother printers to finish the setup.

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 06:35 AM
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