Label Printers FAQ

            How do I order more labels?

            Labels can be ordered here. After your first order your details can be auto-populated (by using your email address to retrieve last order details) so that you can easily re-order the labels you need.

            Why is the label printer printing two stickers instead of one?

            If names are being printed on two stickers instead of one generally this means someone has pulled a label through a little too enthusiastically and has caused the printer to lose it’s bearings with the black alignment markings on the back of the labels.

            Usually, you can use the feed button on the printer to feed a label through and tear DOWN. This should reset the alignment, do a test print to check. For the future, try and encourage people to tear down to remove their label.

            Why is the label printer printing blank labels?

            Most likely the label roll has been incorrectly been inserted upside down. The label roll should be facing downwards, open the casing to view how the label roll has been fitted. Adjust to ensure the label roll is facing downwards like so:


            Updated: 12 Dec 2018 10:41 AM
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