Loading Staff - Excel

            VisitorRego is able to load staff from an Excel spreadsheet.  

            Note: Excel must be installed on the PC in question to utilise this function.

            There are two ways to load from an Excel spreadsheet.

            Option 1

            The first, from VisitorRego's
            Admin mode choose Options> Load Staff from Excel.

            Clicking on the Load Staff from Excel button will open a file browser. Using the browser, navigate to where the Excel staff list is located and open it. 

            Usually it will be located in C:/ProgramFiles/VisitorRego.NET and in either the 'Res' or 'Data' folder.

            The Staff List being populated.



            Option 2

            The second way to Load Staff from an Excel file, from VisitorRego's 
            Admin mode, choose  Options> System Setup> Load Staff tab.

            Now, just point to the correct file and load.

            For an Excel staff list to populate correctly all the columns need to be in a specific order otherwise the information will be loaded into the wrong columns in the database.

            Below is an example of a correctly formatted Excel staff list. 

            Updated: 13 Nov 2018 05:48 AM
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