Loading staff via an Active Directory (AD)

            This requires the PC you are using to load staff to be on the network and authenticated against the domain. You will need some knowledge of how your Active Directory is structured to pull the correct information from the AD into the VisitorRego Database. Please talk with your IT department should you wish to load staff in this way.

            The AD details can be entered through Admin mode from Options> System Setup> Staff. 

            Then click the AD Setup button. 

            Most Active Directories are set to give 1000 responses in a single query. If you need to hold more then 1000 staff records in the VisitorRego database, you can
            a)      Narrow down your AD load, by users or by location, or
            b)      Split the query into sections, A-F for example or by each letter of first names eg.  (&(objectCategory=user)(objectClass=user)(!(givenName=A*)(givenName=B*)(givenName=C*)

            Once this is loading successfully you can set the load to happen automatically from Options> System Setup> Staff tab. 

            You can set the frequency for the load here. You can also choose to load staff across all sites if you have multiple sites with shared staff.

            Updated: 15 Oct 2019 08:06 AM
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